Saeed S. Jahromi (Seyed Saeed Soyouf Jahromi)

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher in Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) in Spain.
My field of research and interest involves the study of quantum many-body systems, topologically ordered phases and their application in quantum information theory, frustrated magnetism and spin liquids, entanglement, quantum criticality, and quantum phase transition in low-dimensional systems.  I mostly use the theoretical and numerical methods such as Tensor network methods (TEBD, DMRG, PEPS), High-order Series Expansion based on Continuous Unitary Transformation (PCUT), Exact Diagonalization (ED), Quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) and different Fermionization and Bozonization approaches. Furthermore, I am an experienced programmer with excellent skills of developing scientific codes and computational methods in condensed matter physics.

To know more about me please see my Research page or view my list of Publications.
I am also interested in the development of high-performance numerical algorithms for physical problems particularly the simulation of strongly correlated systems and quantum many-body Hamiltonians.
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Main Areas of Expertise:

Tensor Network Methods (PEPS,  TEBD, DMRG)
Strongly correlated Quantum Many-Body Systems
Topologically ordered phases of matter
Topological Spin Models and Quantum Computation
Physics of Abelian and Non-Abelian Anyons and fractional statistics
Low-dimensional Quantum Magnetism
Frustrated Spin Systems and Spin Liquids
Entanglement, Quantum Criticality and Quantum Phase Transition
Series Expansion methods in Spin Lattice models and Strongly correlated systems
Derivation of effective models (bosonic and fermionic mappings)
Neutron scattering and Neutron reflectometry


Ph.D., Condensed Matter Physics, K.N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran (2010 to 2014)
Thesis title: Spectral properties of Topological Color Codes, Perturbative Continuous Unitary Transformation approach.

M.Sc., Applied Physics at K.N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran (2007 to 2010)
Thesis title: Investigating the effects of smoothness and roughness of interfaces on stability of probing nano-scale thin films by neutron reflectometry

B.Sc., Applied Physics at Hormozgan University, Bandarabbas, Iran (2002 to 2007)
Thesis title: An investigation and detection of thunderstorms structures using Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit-B (AMSU-B) data