Main Research Fields:

Tensor Network Methods (PEPS, TEBD, DMRG)
Strongly correlated Quantum Many-Body Systems
Topologically ordered phases of matter
Topological Spin Models and Quantum Computation
Physics of Abelian and Non-Abelian Anyons and fractional statistics
Low-dimensional Quantum Magnetism
Frustrated Spin Systems and Spin Liquids
Entanglement, Quantum Criticality and Quantum Phase Transition
Series Expansion methods in Spin Lattice models and Strongly correlated systems
Derivation of effective models (bosonic and fermionic mappings)
Neutron scattering and Neutron reflectometry


Condensed matter physics
Computational physics
Quantum many-body physics and strongly correlated systems
Statistical Mechanics
Quantum magnetism

Other Interests

Neutron Reflectometry
Inverse Method in Scattering Problems
Diffuse Scattering
Statistical Roughness of Surfaces and interfaces (Statistical growth of porous media)
Magnetic properties of Nanostructures